The First Family Retreat

 More than 200 persons from different age group gathered in Galilee Resort 50 Km North of Manila to attend the First Family Retreat on July 13-14, 2022. The retreat was organized by Light For All for the first time to get families from the different communities served by the Foundation. Through a mix of awareness, spiritual and recreational activities, the retreat achieved its purposes in introducing the criteria of successful parenthood, strengthening mothers’ resilience, and introducing basic concepts of life planning skills for adolescents. The purposes of the retreat are informed and shaped by the foundation’s vision, which is “Empowered Filipino Families ”.
Through different planned and structured activities, the retreat succeeded in stimulating inter-generational interactions to share knowledge and exchange skills.
“… I was amazed how LfA managed to get all my neighbors in this well-organized event where different ages were able to be engaged, as one family in customized activities and topic for each age” Noel …. (40 years old)
Different activities were designed and conducted for children to reflect their mental image and perception on happy family through drawings colored pictures.
“… I got empowered when I was assigned responsibilities by the retreat organizers, which I did, successfully with my family members..” Gina … (30 years old).
The event was facilitated by LfA social workers, volunteers, trained women from the foundation’s targeted communities and the trained girls of Light for All Residential House for Girls.

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