Light For All
Inspires and empowers Filipino families.
Light For All
Aims at improving Filipino families’ quality of life.
Light For All
Contributes into Social Development Goals 3,4 and 5.
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Our Values:


We believe in every person's full and inclusive participation in the communities we work on. Everyone has the right to contribute their knowledge, skills, and talents without prejudice.


We advocate for and integrate gender equality and women and girls’ empowerment in different programmatic activities on both the strategic and operational levels.


We treat all with respect and dignity with no prejudice nor judgment and value existing cultural values and beliefs.


Our different programmatic activities are driven by the available data and information, shaped by the needs and gaps of the beneficiaries, and guided by clear indicators and milestones to be able to measure progress and outcomes.

Our Vision

Inspired and empowered Filipino Families.

Where Our Focus Is?

(A) In keeping with SDGs 4 and 5 (quality education and gender equality, resp.), our focus is always on the following:
1. Reducing gender-based violence and domestic abuse in the community
2. Providing access to high-quality education in reputable schools
3. Providing young women social, medical, and psychological support to ensure balanced personal development and growth


Our Goals

Providing responsive, supportive, and innovative services and activities.

Being a catalyst for sustainable community development and empowerment.

Growing and sustaining an effective organization.