Goals And Objectives


GOAL 1: Provide Responsive, Supportive and Innovative Services and Activities:

Conduct situational analysis and needs assessment on individual, family and community levels.

Deliver and expand a variety and range of customized, beneficiary-centered training and behavior change packages to address the identified need and gaps.

Plan and execute different community-based and outreach programmatic activities and interventions in participatory and consultative ways.

Increase access to activities and services through strategic promotion, networking and collaboration within safe enabling environment.

GOAL 3: Grow and sustain an effective organization Objectives:

Develop and implement monitoring and evaluation tools and systems for outcomes and impact progress and measurement.

Ensure sound organizational governance through an appropriately skilled Board of Directors.

Recognize and value staff and volunteer expertise and provide opportunities for continued professional development.

GOAL 2: Be a catalyst for sustainable community development and empowerment Objectives:

Seek opportunities to maintain and develop intra and inter community interaction.

Engage with existing and develop strategic networks and opportunities for collaborative working.

Document, promote and share best practice with relevant audiences.

Advocate for and support volunteers’ recruitment and retention activities.