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Sources of Hope for Ladies- May 2023

 “Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws.”- Barbara Kingsolver

          Mothers are one of the greatest people in the whole universe otherwise known as ‘supermoms’ because of their exceptional efforts they give to their families . In line with the celebration of Mother’s Day in the Philippines, LfA conducted a mental health awareness exclusively for women last May 2023 with the purpose to empower and uplift mothers by exploring the various sources of hope available to them. It will serve as a guide to mothers in identifying and exploring their own unique sources of hope. It was facilitated by Ms. Daveia Molejon, the LfA Community Mobilization and Training Officer, Ms. Glaiza Gumapac, LfA Admin Staff, and Ms. Merle Soliman, a representative of the mothers in the community. The said event was an interactive and engaging seminar that facilitated meaningful connections and enriched the overall learning experience. The seminar also allowed them to acknowledge and confront their struggles, creating a foundation for growth, healing, and a renewed sense of hope and redirecting their dreams.

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