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Explore Mind, Embrace Changes; Empowering Future Advocates- September 2023

On September 8, 2023, Light for All visited World Citi Colleges in Quezon City, conducting an enlightening session for psychology students under the theme ‘EXPLORE MINDS, EMBRACE CHANGE; EMPOWERING FUTURE ADVOCATES’. The guest speakers, all volunteers of Light for All Foundation Inc. Philippines from the USA, included Dr. Kelada, a psychiatrist, who delved into the intricate connection between psychiatry and psychology, introducing the biopsychosocial approach for diagnosing and assessing patients. Additionally, psychologist Fr. Paul, renowned for his extensive counseling experience, shed light on the profound effects of abuse on individuals and offered valuable insights on how to navigate such situations. He shared techniques and encouraged students to champion justice while distinguishing forgiveness from the pursuit of justice. The interactive session allowed students to pose questions and seek clarity on matters close to their hearts. FIGHTING AGAINST ABUSES IS NOT JUST A CHOICE; IT’S A RESPONSIBILITY THAT EMPOWERS BOTH INDIVIDUALS AND SOCIETY. This message echoed the overarching theme of mental health awareness, promoting a brighter and more compassionate future for all.

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